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30 ways to save £1 with

This is a little different to my usual posts but hopefully you'll find this interesting, 'cos lets face it, we all like to save money where possible.
Moneysupermarket are kindly offering bloggers the chance to get involved and spread their secret ways of saving money. For each money saving tip you provide, moneysupermarket will kindly give you £1! You can reveal up to 30 money saving tips, which if we do the maths, equates to £30. If thats not enough, then everyone that enters will then gain entry into a £1000 prize draw too! Sound good to you?!

So without further ado, here are my 30 money saving tips on how to save £1 (or more!)

1. When you have finished a product that is in a flexible squeezy tube, don't throw it away. Get those scissors out and cut the packaging in half, its amazing just how much product is still left! I have done this many times with foundation and toothpaste!

2. If the sun is shining or the wind is blowing and you have wet laundry ready to be aired, don't be lazy and transfer it to the tumble drier - stick it on the washing line outside! Remember, electricity = money!

3. Have you been cooking and used food from a glass jar? Don't throw it out! Wash it and get some acrylic paint to pretty them up and use as storage jars or mini vases! Or if you have no acrylic paint, get a small piece of ribbon and tie around the top to bring the jar to life!

4. Don't spend loads of money on table centre pieces, use your imagination and scourer eBay or a craft shop for cheap bags of beads and gems. Add some water and bingo! (I've had loads of positive comments on these decorations that sit on my dining table!)

5. If, like me, you and your friend are subscribed to beauty boxes, don't throw away or pass on products you dislike. Make an agreement that you will keep them to one side and twice a year when you and your friend have gathered enough products together, meet up and play swapsy! That way, you are getting rid of things that you don't like and getting something back in return!

6. If you are going to make a purchase, whether it be an expensive technology item or a cheaper cosmetics product, do your research. There are some really good review websites on the internet with honest opinions. Everyone has their own opinion but when 95% of opinions are negative, that usually is a good enough sign! They will save you money in the long run if you make a purchase that you are not happy with.

7. Use compare websites! If you are a car or home owner, these should be your best friend! You could literally save £££'s using them!

8. Use points cards in shops and cafes where possible. Tesco offer a clubcard points system which in time, can turn into whatever you would like; hotels, days out, even holidays! Boots also offer something similar so always make sure you carry these cards on you, and take advantage of their double points days! Certain cafes offer a system where if you buy so many drinks, you get one free. If you know you will be a regular user or this cafe, its worth picking up a card.. they're free!

9. If you begin the feel the chill at home, take a look at what you are wearing before reaching for the 'on' button on the boiler. Could you layer up to make yourself warmer? Always have a throw handy in your living room (I have one that matches my colour scheme that I hang over the arm of our couch so it doesnt look out of place). All these are methods to help to refrain from putting the heating on!

10. Be versatile with your clothes and cosmetics. Can that neck scarf double up as a head band? Can those jeans you no longer like be cut into a pair of distressed shorts? Can that old lipstick double up as a cream blush? Can that eyeshadow also be used as an eyebrow filler? You may well have just found yourself a new outfit or accessory!

11. Any old clothes that you definitely know you are no longer going to wear, that you also know wont make money on eBay, cut up and use as cleaning cloths for around the house (material dependent!). Will save you £1 or 2 on dusters!

12. Instead of running over to the nearest shop on your lunch hour at work, why not take the time to prepare a lunch the night before? It will save you at least a few pounds every day! And if you think you're going to give into temptation, leave your purse at home!

13. Car share to work where suitable. If a colleague is on your route to work, have a word, I'm sure they'd be happy to team up!

14. If you come across BOGOF deals on items you regularly buy, it might be wise to stock up, it will save you in the long run!

15. If you cook something that can serve more people than you anticipated, don't give everyone extra portions... bag it up and freeze it for another meal.

16. Barter with your phone provider when it comes to renewing your mobile phone contract. They don't like to lose your custom so 9 times out of 10 will come down to a price that suits you.

17. If you are a designer fan, always look for dupes, whether it be on eBay for that replica chanel bag, or in Boots for that YSL dupe lipstick! Research before you buy and you'll save £££!

18. Before travelling, research restaurants around the area that you will be staying in for a rough price guide. Sometimes you don't realise prices of food before you get sat down and it's too late!

19. If you drive, plan your journey before you leave the house. Many of us can be driving around from A to B and back to A again, simply because we haven't planned our route accurately, which always results in wasting petrol.

20. Don't waste ££'s on beauty products that you could create at home with ingredients that you may have lurking in your cupboards. Some sugar + a drop of almond oil = an exfoliating DIY lipscrub!

21. Recycle gift bags that you may have received for birthdays and christmas' and send them on their merry way again! Just remember to be careful not to send it to the person that gave it to you!

22. Don't spend a fortune stocking up on snacks at the cinema, their prices are ridiculous! Sneak your own in!

23. If you need to make a call to your bank or another company, don't ring from your phone and get charged, go into the branch and use their phone to save money.

24. Don't go out and buy the latest exercise craze DVD. Youtube it, it's more than likely to be on there! It maybe in 3 different parts, but if its saved ou £10, does it matter?!

25. Young children love sensory toys, so instead of spending lots on toys that claim to enhance their senses, make your own! Its amazing what sensory toys you'll be able to create from things laying round the house. Rice grains in water, flour and water, anything gooey and the kids will love it! (All supervised play!)

26. Have you ever noticed that in supermarkets, cheaper brands are towards the bottom of the shelves? Thats because they deliberately put the more expensive brands at eye level so customers are more likely to grab it. So in future, instead of grabbing the first item in view, take a few seconds to look beyond that area and see if you can find a similar product at a cheaper price!

27. Visit carboot sales! Its amazing what you might find! If you're after a piece of rustic shabby chic furniture, you may well discover it here. All will be required is a piece of sandpaper, a lick of paint and you're well on the way to saving £££'s for your desired look!

28. If you know you are going to be jumping on and off buses all day, purchase a day rider, you will save yourself at least £1.

29. If you have a bit of spare cash in the January sales, its worth taking advantage and stocking up on a few birthday presents for that coming year. I have done this on several occasions and find that I save a lot. Christmas wrapping paper is also drastically reduced, and although its the last thing on your mind in January, come December, you will be impressed that you have luxurious wrapping paper at a very discounted price!

30. If your car needs washing, don't be lazy and do it yourself! Or if not, get your kids to do it and give them a couple of quid, you'll still be saving a lot!

They are my 30 money saving tips! I have done the majority of these at some point in my life, if I'm not still doing them now!

I hope you found some of them useful. Have you got any more interesting ones?


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  1. great tips :)
    I am saving for my holiday so any possible savings help, may try a few new tips from here x


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