Monday 13 May 2013

GlossyBox Turns 2!

It is Glossybox's 2nd birthday this month, and I am proud to say I've been with them since day 1.

This months birthday box I was super impressed with. I felt like I received some good quality, decent sized products, all of which I will get a lot of use out of.


Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara. Oh my god, the wand on this beauty looks amazeballs. Not only does it claim to add nstant volume, lenth and curl but it also nourishes your lashes at the same time. Could you ask any more in a mascara? This is a tiny sample but I'm hoping its enough to last me a 2 week holiday in Florida next month, cos I'm definitely gonna be taking this beauty away with me. If that fails, then CVS here I come!

Harmony moisturising creme balm. This claims it is a skin protector and primer, and its ingredients aims to help reduce excess oil and break outs. Its a little more creamier than I like in a primer, but because of its other functions I'm going to work with this and see what I think. A nice 10ml pot too.

Caudalie Divine Oil. I was super excited when I saw this because all of the Caudalie products that Ive had previously I've absolutely loved (esp the SOS thirst quenching serum!). This is in a glass bottle too so it felt super luxurious! This is an oil for the face, body and hair. It can even be used on dry cuticles, added to a bath or used as a massage oil.. you get the drift. I was going to take my Body Shop lemon oil away with me but I think this might well replace it to give me a sexy sheen on my legs after shaving!
Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Prime & Create Mixing Medium (wow, what a mouthful!). When I took a glance at this, my first impressions were utter disappointment. I immediately recognised the packaging from BM beauty and thought it was yet another mineral based eyeshadow or finishing powder. I was right on the brand - it was BM beauty, however they've changed their name. I was wrong on the product though - This gel like formula is a dream to wear - its exactly what I look for in a primer - a velvet smooth finish, that soft that I often can't stop touching my skin. It states that it can be turned into a cream foundation for an airbrushed effect, as well as mixing with powder blushes to create a cream tint, or an eye shadow pigment to create liquid eyeliners. I'm not sure I'll go to the hassle of doing all that - I might try it if I have a bit of time on my hands and I'm feeling adventurous, but the consistency of this is perfect for a primer alone.

Nails Inc - 'Portobello' - This is the prettiest coral peachy colour one could ask for this summer (er yes, I said summer..). I think this is going on my toes for my holidays! It instantly reminds me of sunny days everytime I look at it.

GlossyBox nail files - This has got to be the cutest set of nail files I have ever seen. Talk about handbag size! They come in Glossybox's cardboad slip (with their 2nd birthday design on). The nail files are neon pink and there's 20 in the pack. Yep, you're probably thinking 'how on earth can they fit 20 in there?' but they have - they're very small mind - less than 1cm wide. You snap them off and away you go. These would slide neatly into any purse and would take no room at all up. I hate getting a snag in my nail, I end up forever scratching myself or catching it on my clothes if I haven't got a file on me so these are pretty perfect!

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate - I've heard quite a few people rave about this but I've never got round to picking it up. For a self confessed chocoholic, thats pretty shocking, so when I received this I was a little excited. I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate (who is?!) but I can usually hack it, but wouldn't choose it if I had the choice. I've had a little nibble of this, and I can honestly say, its probably the only chocolate I couldn't wait to get out of my mouth. It states it contains 70% cocoa solids, so as you can imagine, its really rich and.. bleurgh...  I cannot explain the taste but I definitely wouldnt repurchase this. I'm glad to say I've tried it though :-)

On my little booklet it did state that if you had been subscribed to GB for 1yr+ you would receive a little extra, so I'm not too sure which of the above was the 'free' one - either the nail files or chocolate.. either way, thank you!

All in all, I'm very impressed, once again! Most of these products are perfect for my upcoming holiday - I'm on a mission to pack as lightly as possible so I can take more goodies back home with me!

Happy 2nd Birthday GB!


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