Sunday 6 October 2013

Body Cream Overload - Shop My Stash!

Last week you may remember that I did a 'Shop My Stash' of all my hair products. For those that missed that you can read that here.

This week, after trying to sort through all the crap that my dressing room seems to have gathered, I realized I had one too many body creams. I have been aware of this fact for a while now, and dread opening every beauty box I receive, in case of the dreaded BODY CREAM! Its not till I was doing the photographs for these that once I had separated full size and travel size, I realized that I was just as culpable as GlossyBox and Birchbox, and that I am in fact to blame for the majority of my full sized products.

My secret stash!
So, here it goes again, mission body creams!

I'm a little lazy when using body creams.. and only ever use them when I feel in the mood for a good pampering session or when I'm not rushing about. A lot of the time I get a bath late at night so as soon as I get out and do the usual, I'm straight in bed, so slathering body cream on me is the last thing I want to do before I jump into bed, ending up a sticky mess.

BUT! I need to decrease this stash before it gets out of hand. Like my hair products, I am not buying any more body creams till this lot is drastically reduced. The funny thing is, I don't usually buy body creams - 4 of the full sized bottles you see that you may recognize from Bath & Body Works, I just had to buy because its BBW! How could you not? (Oh, and if you smelt the Sweet on Paris, you really would understand why I had to buy it!). The other load are mainly from fragrance sets I have been bought as gifts. The tubs of cream I am to blame again because I got suckered into Body Shop creams on a sale day (and wish I never now because I don't rate them that highly!) but I actually haven't bought a body cream for almost a year now!

These travel sized ones really don't look as daunting to get through once separated from the daddies!
The daddies!
Like the hair product mission, it'll be interesting to see how much I can reduce this stash because of my beauty box subscriptions, however that's what makes it more exciting, I feel like I'm in a little race!

Again, I will post new 'compare' pictures in 3 months to see what damage I can do. Body creams do seem to last forever so I'm not expecting huge results!

Please, I ask kindly, to all my friends & family, for the next 5 years no one is to buy me any body creams for Christmas, Birthdays or the bits in between!


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