Saturday 5 October 2013

DIY: Decorative Wall Canvas

I came up with this idea after beginning to decorate/wrap a few glossy boxes with pretty wrapping paper and use them as storage boxes. I was then on the hunt for a canvas for a small wall in our living room that was looking pretty bare, then thought why not make my own in a similar way to the boxes?

Knowing that Paperchase has some pretty unique wrapping paper, I popped in and found the ideal one to match our living room. The colour scheme tied in perfectly.

I have since had the items stored in my dressing room for around 6 months, waiting to be made, but I finally cracked on with it this morning and was pretty happy with the outcome so thought I'd share it with you all!

You will need:

  • Stretched Canvas (quantity and size is entirely up to you, depending on the size of the wall and how many you would like). Because the wall I needed it for is only small, I got one measuring 9 x 12" (which is approx. A4 size). I purchased this from The Works for £1.99.
  • Wrapping Paper (again, you can go as cheap or expensive as you like, although thin wrapping paper may tear easily). Mine is the 'Damask Flock on Grey' style, which was £2.25. Obviously depending on how large your canvas is, you will need to do the maths to figure out how much you require. If you do happen to like the paper that I have used, just to pre-warn, as mentioned earlier, I did purchase this around 6 months ago so I can't promise it will still be in the shops now.
  • Scissors
  • Extra Strong Glue
  • Sellotape

What you will need (the PVA glue isn't really needed but was just added 'just in case!'

The whole process is really straightforward and self explanatory, its basically like wrapping up a present. Depending on which canvas you purchase, mine had a really handy 'ledge' under the wood which enabled me to tuck the wrapping paper under once glued, to keep it intact. You may find you need some form of tape to stick in down afterwards. The corners are the trickiest part, but with some scissor skills, cutting in the right places to enable an easier fold makes everything a whole lot neater.


Leave it to dry for half an hour, turn it over and magic! Your very own personalized wall canvas.



What do you think?

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  1. Beautiful really thrifty!! Xoxox


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