Tuesday 12 November 2013

Fun in Florida! Disney's Hollywood Studios

This is post #4 of my Florida series, and today I explore Hollywood Studios!

Up to now, this was my favourite of the theme parks. I loved the uniqueness of the rides as well as the variety.

My favourite was probably Areosmiths Rock n Roller Coaster. Its a rollercoaster indoors, in the dark, and every so often you'd see flashes of neon signs with messages on. As well as this, you had Areosmith blasting in your ears from your chair as you went round. I remember we got 'Dude Looks like a Lady' - this kicked in as the rollercoaster shot off and it was amazing how much adrenalin and excitement this gave.

I also saw a few really funny comedy shows. I'm not normally one for comedy, and when I sat down and my boyfriend proceeded to tell me we were watching a show were the audience gets 'picked on' I kinda freaked, and it made me anxious, haha. I hate attention being on me, and knowing that the camera and spotlight gets put on you for your whole face to then be shown on the big screen for the rest of the audience to see really wasn't my cup of tea! However I soon settled when I realized I wasn't one of the chosen ones!

The shows here were amazing too (they were throughout the whole of Florida's theme parks if I'm honest). You sit in what looks like an average cinema, then when the show starts, your chair tilts back and special effects are created in conjunction with whats on screen. The best bit was when there were a load of rats on screen and something was done to make it feel like loads of rats were running by your feet. Cold air was pumped behind your ankles and in your ears as well, depending on what was on screen. It was really fun! We also watched a really impressive Indianna Jones show. I amazes me how much special effects they put into stuff over there.

The dining here was fab too - We ate in 50's Prime Time CafĂ© which was created like an old-skool 50's American diner. Everything was very retro and vintage. The waitresses were the best though. They had dinner 'rules', no elbows on tables, have to say your please and thank you's (they'd actually tell you off if you were caught disobeying the rules lol). We all even got a sticker at the end which congratulated us on clearing our plates. My niece got sprinkled with fairy dust (which was actually glitter) but everything was so good and magical, especially for children.

Soilder from Toy Story

Water effects on a ride (Studios Tour)

Entering the Pixar area

Indianna Jones Show

Have you ever been to Hollywood Studios? How did you rate it?


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