Tuesday 12 November 2013

November's GlossyBox 'The Glossy Wishlist'

I've had a surge of beauty boxes the last few days. I only just managed to pick up my October's Birchbox the other day due to being on holiday then missing the postie, then visiting the post depo to be refused my parcel due to lack of ID (all my ID was in the post for a CRB) Argh! I wanted to scream. Today my GB arrived, and I'm due my November Birchbox in the next few days as well. #beautyoverload or what?

Anyhow, onto this months box. Its based on (I'm guessing) the glossyteam's Christmas wishlist in regards to beauty items. However I for one was a little disappointed with the lack of high end luxury brands that were offered.


Vichy Idealia Life Serum. This claims to transform the appearance of your skins quality and help protect it from the visible effects of stress, pollution, smoke or an unbalanced diet. At the minute I can tick a couple of those so on the surface it sounds an ideal product. Theres 2 Skin Idealizer Creams and 1 smoothing and illuminating cream. They come in a pretty pink organza bag (which was a bonus) but they don't overly float my boat. Doesn't help that I'm not a skincare fan. Fan is actually the wrong word. Lets try 'lover'. I'm not overly interested in skin care. Probably because I don't quite know what skin type I am (I think I have combination skin). I really should go get 'tested'. I also struggle to see the benefits of products that claim to have miraculous results. Everyone and their dog shouts about a certain product, however me... I can't see any results. Anyway, enough about that product!

Scholl Dry Skin exfoliator (feet). Ok, really? Who in their right mind would ask for a foot exfoliator for Christmas? Never mind it not being a glamorous product to ask for but who really wants to be telling other people about your yucky hard skin on your feet? Certainly not me. You can purchase this in the shop for £4.49 so this really didn't excite me.

Yves Rocher Cacao & Orange hand cream. Noooooooo!! Not ANOTHER hand cream. I think these are probably one of THE most tedious beauty products anyone could buy me right now. I have enough to last me probably 3 years, ok? I know GB will not be aware of this in the slightest (it'll be just a bit weird if they did) but please look at when the last time you sent a hand cream out and then realize you need to add variety. I suppose it doesn't help being subscribed to 2 beauty boxes but meh. On the positive side, this smells of Terrys Chocolate Orange. Yummy. On the flipside, this is worth a measly £1.95.

Elegant Touch. Rapid Dry for Nails. Finally, a result! This has come at the perfect timing. I've been meaning to purchase Avon's fast drying nail polish spray for a few months now but have never got round to it, so thanks GB, you saved me a job! Never tried this before so maybe a review will be coming your way soon! £3 to buy in shops so although I can moan that its not a luxury product, its an 'achievable' product should I like it.

Emite Make Up Micronized Eyeshadow (in the shade 'Dams). This is apparently worth £16.80 for this single matt eyeshadow. It states that its free from all oils, perfumes, nickel etc so results will be lasting. I haven't yet swatched this as it might be going in my 'to sell' box, so I can't comment on pigmentation. I do have various eyeshadows this colour (looks almost identical to my Urban Decay 'Perversions', so I don't really need another black matte unfortunately.

Overall, a little disappointed with this months box. Hopefully the Christmas box will be better.


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