Sunday 23 February 2014

Home Decor: Project Hallway #1

If you've been a follower of my blog for some time now, you may remember this post that I did on my 'dream hallway'. Here you can see all the pretty items that I would accessorize it with once completed.
Fast forward 4 months and the project is finally starting to happen! The Parisian mirrored night stand from Dunelm Mill that I've been lusting after since we first moved in 2.5yrs ago.. I finally have! It arrived last week - It's not quite the same as the one in my collage, but very similar - I went for this one instead..

Stock Photo - Dunelm Mill - £129.99


I wouldn't normally spend such an amount on a table that will just sit in the hallway but I've never wanted something for such a long time - Usually I decide I 'love' something only to go back to it a few months later and decide I don't like it - but my love for this hasn't stopped, so I know its worth its price tag! This will house a few glass jars that I have purchased from Dunelm Mill. I've actually bought a large glass trinket box with a lid that I've decided is going to be used for throwing our keys in as we come through the door, because usually we just throw them on the side in the kitchen. This would also be the perfect place to house a bunch of colour fresh flowers, to really add a pop of colour to the hallway. I had in my head a cute little lamp sitting on here to light up the hallway, but eventually realized that the nearest plug is across the hallway, so regarding wires, this isn't happening! I'm trying to think of an alternative for lighting though, I'm looking at fairy lights as another option, but trying to think of a way to display them.

There's been a bit of a change around regarding the walls. I originally wanted silver/grey wallpaper, and found some gorgeous ones in Laura Ashley. However after being reminded how hard it is to decorate the stairs/landing area, and that we'd probably need a painter/decorator in to help us, I decided against this idea to save money, I begrudge paying out when I know I could do it myself, even though it would be hard work. I was then going to go with the plan of wallpapering the wall that you face as you're coming up the stairs, as a 'feature' wall, but then decided that might look a bit odd. So we've decided to just paint over the wallpaper that is already on the walls (which is currently cream) and turn everything white. I still wanted a grey/silver theme going on so I may paint the staircase a silver tone, as well as the doorframes.

I've also been looking at Roman Blinds.. I've never had to shop for blinds before, so didn't really how expensive they were! However these will give me the perfect opportunity to bring together the colour scheme a little more..

I predict its going to be a few weeks before Project Hallway is completed yet we're having to paint around working full time (and I get bored of painting very quickly!). That together with the dingy lighting often means I either have to wait till the weekends, or have a lot of touch ups to do! I refuse to book any time off work to spend decorating!

Here is what my hall way looks like currently. Again, ignore the dingy lighting. It was night-time and we have those horrible energy saving bulbs that I really need to change!

Once all the painting is complete, I intend on taking up the laminate flooring and laying a cream carpet down. You might also be able to see on this first photo that I've already begun painting..

This is where I intend on putting the mirrored table - In the corner where the ugly electric box is, to hopefully hide it!

Upstairs landing - As you can see, the current Roman blinds have random 'lighter' stripes across them where they have faded in the sun.

I can't wait till its all finished!


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