Thursday 6 March 2014

Leighton Denny 'Coconutty'

New nail polish always excites me, so when I received this in a recent beauty box (Birchbox I believe?) I couldn't wait to try it out!

Pale brown in colour, 'Coconutty' has an obvious gold shimmer running through it, which brings a more golden tone to the colour once applied on the nail.

Consistency wise, I found it fairly thin, which I was surprised about as I have another Leighton Denny polish which I recall being rather the opposite. Due to this, I much prefer it with two coats as one was too opaque, for me personally anyway, although if you are after subtle, then one would be perfect.

This photo is a perfect example of what different 'natural' lighting can do to a picture! In both pictures, the nail on the right is with just 1 coat, the left nail having 2 coats.

Although pretty to look at in the bottle, this polish didn't overwhelm me once applied to the nail.

In terms of price, Leighton Denny is at the medium - high range in regards to nail polish, retailing at £11 a bottle.

What is your favourite polish from Leighton Denny?


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  1. I don't think I've ever tried Leighton Denny polishes before. I may have received one via glossybox, but i can't remember. Such a shame you weren't 100% pleased with it, I would have high expectations for a polish that cost £11 too x


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