Sunday 16 March 2014

Afternoon Tea at The Cedar Court Grand, York

So a few days ago I accomplished another New Year aim and ventured to York. Surprisingly, to my knowledge, even though I live only 1.5hr drive from York, I've never actually been. I may have gone as a child but I can't remember it.

We had a lovely day, although the time went SO quickly so we didn't get to do what I had planned but I'm sure we'll be back soon.

Although York is famous for it's Betty's afternoon tea, my colleague recommended going to Cedar Court Grand instead as there was only a few quid difference between the two and Cedar Grand was apparently better quality, so I took her word and booked a table.

Cedar Grand is a 5* hotel and Spa, and rated No4 in the best hotels in York, although unfortunately I didn't get the pleasure of sampling one of the rooms out this time!

Needless to say, its 5* rating lived up to its name. Suited and booted doormen, waitresses that put your napkin on your lap for you and waiters that offer to pour your tea/coffee.

We were a little early so were directed to the lobby were we both enjoyed a drink. A while later we were ushered into the Hall where the afternoon tea takes place. Our coats were taken off us and we were provided a ticket number to go and collect them once finished.

We went for the 'Grand Afternoon Tea' (which, although the name sounds otherwise, this was the basic!). I was boring and chose English Breakfast Tea (I've been adventurous in the past and this always comes out tops!). Mike went for a 'Lazy Coffee' to wake himself up! (No pun intended, he really was sleepy!). Drink top-ups were included in the price.

The food arrived shortly afterwards, which is always the best bit. The exciting part of Afternoon Tea for me is seeing what interesting looking cakes lay on the tiers! The grander the venue, the grander the cake usually. The sandwiches were gorgeous, a mixture of cucumber and cheese, ham with mustard, salmon (I left these to Mike!) and egg mayo. Moving up a tier were gorgeous warm handbaked scones. These tasted delicious and I liked the fact that they were wrapped in a thick cotton cloth to keep warm. There were a number of different flavoured jams on the table for you to help yourself also. The top layer consisted of a strawberry macaroon with a chocolate filling, an almost gateau type cake, a pastry with the most peculiar lilac cream filling (which we both agreed tasted a little like cinnamon, sounds awful but worked well!), and a shortbread type biscuit filled with purple cream (of some sort!), a blackberry and some form of dried but moist fruit. The shortbread was gorgeous and was a melt in your mouth moment...

As always, I struggled to eat it all, and left almost half of every pudding (which is unlike me!). I think afternoon tea's are so deceiving. When they first arrive, you truly believe that its not going to satisfy your hunger in the slightest, but this is my 3rd Afternoon Tea now and each one I've had to leave something due to feeling like I'm about to pop!

I love having afternoon tea, its a real treat and although it can sometimes be a little expensive, it makes a change from your usual pub/bar meal. I'm on a mission to have afternoon tea in every city I visit now!

Where's the best afternoon tea you've ever had? I'd love to know!



  1. I've been for a few good afternoon tea, I love Claridge's in London, Metrodeco in Brighton and Waterloo Tea Gardens in Cardiff. I know what you mean about afternoon tea being deceptive though, I always end up so stuffed, looks like you had a fab one.

    1. They really are deceiving! Thanks for those recommendations.. I might be going to London in a couple of months so I'll bare Claridge's in mind!

  2. I'm about an hours train trip away from York so I go there a little bit so this is a great little tip! I'm not a huge fan of Bettys, I find it very overrated so I'm definitely going to give this a go as an alternative! Thanks x


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