Wednesday 2 April 2014

Book Review: The Stag & Hen Weekend, by Mike Gayle.

I think I've only ever done one book review on here but I've been telling myself for a while that I must do more, therefore I shall try and review each book I read this year!

If you remember my post at the beginning of 2014, one of my new years resolutions was to read 1 book a month. I know that may sound like no challenge at all to some of you, but when working a 9-5 job, then arriving home with a headache right on cue just about every night, topped with (self-diagnosed) fatigue syndrome, the last thing I want to do is pick up a book. There are only usually 2 places I read books - When I'm travelling on either trains or planes (which isn't very often!) or just before I go to bed. The latter is sometimes the worst time to read because you can guarantee 50% of the time I am falling asleep after a few pages.
Back to the New Years Resolutions - I'm already behind and we're only 3 months into the year, however I do have reasons for that, which I will explain later..

A lot of the time I like a good chick lit because its simple to read, doesn't take much brain power (when falling asleep!) and never really gets too 'deep' to the point that you daren't put it down, which is good for me, because I can only usually manage a few chapters at a time before my eyes begin to close! I also like how a lot of them I can (at some point) relate to them. I admit that some chick lit's are poorly written, however for the most part I do try and do my research before purchasing.

On that note, I am trying to give other genres a go. I'm not into sci-fi, or novels that are based years ago, so if you have any recommendations then please send them my way!

Anyway, onto the review!

Although a chick lit, 'The Hen & Stag Party' was a little different in terms of perspective and actual book design. It has 2 different front covers, half is written from the husband-to-be's perspective, flip the book over and the other half is written from the wife-to-be. I wondered if the authors intention of the design was to highlight that there are two sides to every story, and quite literally in this sense. Or maybe I'm just too clever and am the first one to have ever applied that saying to it? Hmmm.. probably not.

The book takes you on a journey of, yep, you've guessed it, a male's stag do in Amsterdam and a girls hen do in a spa hotel and a night on the town. Without giving too much away, characters appear in both parties that are linked and begin to cause trouble for each partner. The action continues throughout the majority of the book which leaves the reader craving for more at the end of each chapter. Question is, will they ever make it down the aisle?

A perfect read for you chick lit lovers. A nice light-hearted easy read, perfect for those sleepy heads! A first for me for Mike Gayle, but definitely wont be the last.


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