Friday 4 April 2014

March Empties

I haven't done one of these posts in so long, and really enjoy collecting my empties to see just how much I've managed to get through within a month.. it kinda feels satisfying!

I haven't used all of these up in March, some obviously rolled over from February that I may have been half way through using. I've been trying really hard this year to get my collection of beauty products down, because not only was I hoarding things that were maybe over a year old that I'd never even opened, but its helping me save money too. I'm not massively into beauty products and cosmetics like I used to be. I still use them of course, but as I'm getting older, my passions are slowly changing to more *cough* mature *cough* things, like... pretty accessories for the house, or DIY craft bits. I still love my make-up too, I just don't crave for it like I used to. I've learnt to try and make a dent in what I already have before deciding that I 'need' that new product that's just come out.

Anyway, here's what I've managed to get through in March..

From L-R (Back row). Rimmel lasting finish 25hr wear foundation. I've been using this foundation for probably a year now and I love it. I downgraded to this from Estee Lauder's Doublewear foundation as I felt it didn't have the same effect on my skin like it used to. And Rimmel is a quarter of the price too, so a massive saving there! Love the stuff and can't see me changing anytime soon.
Nivea Eye Make-Up Remover. This is an oil-based remover and I love it. I've been using oil-based removers now for well over a year and think they are so effective. I don't think I'd ever go back to a cream-based one.
Sure Anti-Perspirant - Self explanatory really!
Johnsons Baby Talc - I have to have talc on after showers/baths, I know not many people use this. The user age range of talc seems to be either babies or the elderly, haha. I just love how baby soft it makes my skin feel, and helps to dry those more stubborn areas that often dry clammy.
Batiste - We all know how much of a life saver this can be. This came in a big box of products at Christmas as part of my present from my boyfriend. Perfect for those lazy non-wash hair days, and smells delish too!
Dove cucumber/Aloe Vera deodorant - This I have to say is one of my least favourite deodorants - It came in the box that my boyfriend bought me so wasn't a personal choice. It does its job however I despise the smell.
Superdrug Dry Shampoo (chocolate brownie). This is just not a dry shampoo - if you dye your hair dark brown/black, it is a god-damn life saver for roots. Because of this, it helps my to prolong dying my hair for another 3-4 weeks sometimes. I just spray it on and it looks as good as your gonna get to a fresh dye. I've done a review on this on my blog so go find it. Either way, its a genius, and is probably helping my hair in the long-run because I'm dying it less often!
Bayliss & Harding Shower Gel - I got this in a gift set. It wasn't the best to use - it was one of those that just slips off the sponge. I prefer more of a cream shower gel.
Carole Frank Moisturiser - This came in a beauty box. I love the unique packaging.. perfect for travelling! Can't really say if it did a great deal for my skin though as I wasn't using it long enough.

Front Row L-R - Snake serum - This was some form of thin face mask that I again, got in a beauty box an age ago. Finally got round to using it!
Another Bayliss & Harding shower gel.. can't remember too much about this but can say that it was better than the previous one!
Vichy Moisturiser - Again, beauty box sample, too small to trial properly though! Just glad to see the back of it cos I have a couple of these still in my drawer!
Olay Definity - This was an aging cream that I quite liked using. It felt fairly luxurious on my skin. There is another one by Olay (I think the 3 point generative serum) that I trialled a long time ago that I really liked, so I must go by the full size!
The famous collection2000 concealer that every beauty blogger has probably tried at some point. I've got through a lot fo these and they never fail me (except when the writing rubs off the packaging.. annoying!).
Derma Facial Wipes - I think I may have got these from either Asda or Tesco. I'm not normally one for buying cheaper, unbranded face wipes, however at the same time I'm a bit tight when it comes to splashing the cash on something that is just used to take the make-up off with to then put in the bin. However this particular time, no branded ones were on offer so I grabbed a cheaper pack 'just to try' and was pleasantly surprised. Took my make-up off fine, wasn't rough on the skin and had enough moisture to them. And I probably saved £2. Bonus.

Again, its not till I gather all my empties together do I realize just how much I can get through in an average month. I've got to admit though.. it still feels strange dedicating a drawer to empty bottles.. I hope no one ever goes through them!

I will take on another empties challenge in a few months!


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