Monday 7 April 2014

March's Birchbox: Lulu Guinness

Argh, this post is a little late (I thought I had already posted it!). Before I fall behind with yet another monthly post, I thought I'd best post this than not at all!

I've been really loving Birchbox lately. Although some of the samples aren't as big as Glossybox, they have 1/2 extra items and the box is always so varied which I love!

Marchs' box was based on the British iconic brand Lulu Guinness. I loved the monochrome effect box as well as the stripy rock!

The No7 English Laundry fragrance is divine. This is the second one I've smelt from this brand now and really loved.. maybe its time to invest in a full size bottle...
It's always nice to receive a benefit product as I don't own many from that brand. This mini primer and eyeshadow concealer is perfect for travel. It's only 2.5ml which sounds tiny, but I can imagine this would last a few weeks.
AromaWorks body oil... I'm beginning to get a collection of body oils now which I need to begin working on to keep my collection limited. However applying oil, or any body cream for that matter I find quite tedious. I really have to be in a pampering mood to give my body the full works! Nevertheless, this smells delish.. almost almond-y if I remember correctly!
Dr Brandt Pores No More refiner. Primers and pore refiners (same thing in my books) are another product that I'm slooowly starting to get a few of. My foundation doesn't tend to sit well on my skin if I have primer on, so I don't use it that often, even though I absolutely love the velvety feel that it gives to your skin.
The Cellu-Cup - Haha.. at first a few things were running through my head what this could possibly be (although I wont disclose!!). When I found out what it really was I thought it was a pretty nifty clever little thing. I read the instructions and sampled it out on my skin and it was good. I then squeezed a little harder and tried again. Owch!!! This thing bloody hurts. For those that don't know, this is a body massager.. it advises on areas to avoid and also to use on either wet or oiled skin so the cup can slide. It pretty much acts as a suction but obviously the harder you squeeze, the more skin gets cupped in and in certain areas, this thing is bloody painful!! Its meant to help battle cellulite, which I'm sure it does!
And last but not least.. the rock! Can't say I'm a massive rock fan, however this was consumed one day when I was craving something sweet and old Mother Hubbard's cupboards were bare.. so this was the next best thing!

Were you happy with your March Birchbox?


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