Friday 18 July 2014

My Collection: Body Creams

I've been meaning to do this post for so long so finally here I am! For those long-time readers, last year (October, to be precise) you may remember I showed you photos of my (then) body cream collection. I moaned how it was ever-growing (partly due to being subscribed to 2 beauty boxes at the time, as well as continuing to receive them in gift sets bought at Christmas' and birthdays. I also admitted that a few of them were bought by myself). Anyhow, I was on a mission to reduce my collection and begin to incorporate these into my daily beauty ritual, (as tiresome as I find applying lotion late at night!).

I promised that I would review the situation in 3 months time. 7 months late(r) and here I am, assessing the situation (let me just remind you that in this time we've had Christmas and I've had my birthday, and yes, people do still continue to buy me gift sets containing body creams!). I have however reduced my beauty subscriptions from 2 boxes per month to one, so hopefully that would have had some impact!

I notice that a fair whack of these are still sitting nicely in my collection and have in fact not been touched. I am getting more into applying body creams, but not enough to notice a massive difference. But lets face it, getting through tubs of body cream is pretty hard work. They really do seem to last forever!

I'm hoping the photo's are big enough for you to see (I did separate the full size and the mini's but I realized I had messed up a little on what belonged in what category, so it didn't give a true example!

My mini's appear to have grown in size a little, but nothing I can't handle! The small increase in products I think is pretty good going for a 9 month gap, with a birthday & Christmas rolled in there too! I've obviously been keeping them under control somehow!

My full body cream collection (if my counting proves me right!) has increased by only 9 products (I realized I'd left one upstairs!). This is manageable for me and something I can get under control in no time!

Due to owning so many products, doing this has helped me to remember which are my older products that need using up first!

Do you have a big stash of body creams?!


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