Monday 14 July 2014

Review: Toni & Guy Limited Edition by Lulu Shine Gloss Serum

It's not often I write hair product reviews, simply because I don't often come across a product that wows me, and if you know me, you'll know I'm not a hair person at all. However after discovering this product I was certainly sad when I recently had to put it in the bin because I'd used it all so I felt it deserved a review!

I received this in a beauty box back in September of last year. I've tried a good handful of serums in the past, and for a long time, a serum was a serum to me. As time passed, I made my mind up that I preferred a serum as opposed to a cream to tame those hairs, and that's about as far as my preferences go in terms of hair products!

I loved the consistency of this serum, how silky soft it made my ends feel and how manageable my hair became after applying it. It tamed my unruly flyaways and honestly made my hair feel like I'd just left a hair salon. I really did feel like it added shine to my hair as it claims to do. It didn't weigh my hair down at all, and never once did I feel like I had product in my hair, which is always good. Being able to run your fingers through your hair throughout the day is a bit of a habit of mine, so I hate it when your fingers almost come to a halt in your hair because its hit some product. That definitely didn't happen with this product. A small amount seemed to go a long way and this 30ml bottle lasted me a good handful of months. Initially I was a bit doubtful of the price tag (£7.49 for 30ml) but if every bottle lasted me this long then I think I'd quite happily pay it again (not to mention its the perfect size for travelling too!).

What's your favourite hair serum?

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