Wednesday 26 November 2014

Bath Time with Lush | Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Lushs' 'Father Christmas' bath bomb was a bit of a deceiving one for me (bare in mind I haven't had much experience with Lush products before which will soon become clear!). The red and white Santa face exterior was just a casing, and once I had broken through that, I hit a bright green bath bomb. Phone in one hand, trying to film the fizz, and then trying to break the bath bomb in half with the other hand because I was reluctant to use the whole bomb for one bath, it just wasn't having it, so I reluctantly threw the whole lot in.

The bath water quickly turned fizzed into bright green colour with a small amount of thin white/pink layering to accompany it, however this quickly disappeared, leaving just bright green water. The colour reminded me so much of the green Fairy Liquid bottles.. it was the identical shade. The lack of bubbles didn't make it feel like I was having a luxurious bath - You can tell I'm fairly new to purchasing Lush products because I have since found out the difference between Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars - The key is in the name I guess, but for some reasons I've never clicked! haha.. and unfortunately for me I love my bubbles, but the majority of my purchases are bath bombs.. dear oh dear. Least I have learnt my lesson for next time!

The colour of the water, although fun for some, was almost off-putting for me - I felt a little yucky sat in green water, even though it was clean.. it just felt a little.. wrong? I can imagine young boys enjoying a green bath though!

The scent is very sweet smelling, and according to Lush, releases the popular scent of 'Snow Fairy'. I loved the smell, it was right up my street in terms of scents, but noticed it didn't linger around for long which was unfortunate.

Now I know the difference between bubble bars and bath bombs (doh!), I feel a little harsh giving it a poor score because after all, it did its job, I've just learnt that bath bombs aren't for me. However, the design and scent I thought was really good, therefore I will give it a 3/5.


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