Sunday 23 November 2014

November's Birchbox - 'Cosy At Home'

I've had my birchbox well over a week now, but instead of showcasing the contents immediately without any testing like I usually do, I thought I'd give a more accurate and in-depth review of each product..

This month's box is all about getting snuggly at home now the nights are darker and winter is slowing setting in (although I think weather wise we're still doing pretty good considering we're almost in December!).

I will admit, I wasn't blown away with this months box, however having a full size OPI nail polish helped to excite me! I do love a good nail polish!

From L-R

Lord & Berry Mini Bronzer 'Sunny'. - Although this is only a sample size, I know it will last me a while. I don't tend to ever switch up my bronzer, and normally only use the bronzer in my sleek contour kit, however I've been using this every day since I received it and I absolutely love it! The shade seems to be perfect for my skin (and has actually made me realise I've been using a bronzer that has been a little too dark!). It gives a gorgeous natural glow without looking OTT. It has a £19 price tag when purchased full price, which although is a little bit out my budget for a bronzer, if I was ever feeling a little flush with cash I wouldn't hesitate buying this.

Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash - The fact that this was a creamy body wash as opposed to a shower gel went in my favour. However, although the smell was obvious, it wasn't strong enough for me.. It did feel moisturising on the skin but didn't blow me away.

Dr Jart+ Moist Water Act Mist. - This was another full size product in this months box (thumbs up to Birchbox!) - This is one product I haven't used. It claims to boost skins internal moisture levels - it acts as a facial spritz, which, if I'm honest, I already have 2 similar products in my drawer that I tend to take away to hot countries with me to spray if I'm too hot! Although the size is nice, this product didn't excite me..

OPI Nail Polish in 'Coca-Cola Red' - A full size nail polish in a paintbox red shade - I do love a bright red.. and knowing this is OPI was just the cherry on the top - I have a few red's building up in my collection now - I really do need to get a move on and start using them before they turn gloopy!

Beauty Protect 'Protect & Treat Hair Mask' (x 2) - The size of these pots are misleading - Although only 1 pot does one application for me (I have got rather long hair!), I was expecting to use both pots in one. The pink mask smells delish, but not overpowering. Because I've only used it once I didn't really notice any difference - My hair didn't feel any softer or more manageable which is usually the case when I've first used a new product on my hair.

Drinkwel (Lifestyle choice) - I have yet to try these (haven't drunk yet!) but I am so intrigiued by them! They claim to help you recover after a night out drinking... suggesting to take the tablets before you go to bed after your night out (with water!) and then again with food the next day, and they will refill your body with all the goodness that the alcohol may have taken away, and make you feel more alive. Could this be the new hangover cure?! They have a £39.99 price tag and I'm not a regular drinker in order to justify spending that much, but for people who go clubbing on a regular basis, these may be a lifesaver!

What did you think of this month's Birchbox?


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