Friday 1 May 2015

Holiday Essentials: Swimwear

Not everyone likes to show their body off, and unfortunately some of us aren't blessed with perfect curves and bronzed toned areas, I for one am certainly not. However in 4 months time I will be on day 1 of my holiday in Florida. I went 2 years ago and I was so sad and frustrated with myself because I never stepped foot in a water park, and I only managed 10 minutes in our private pool before a thunderstorm arrived before I had to get out. However the main reason that prevented me going near any water was my self confidence.

Long gone are the days were swimsuits were classed as frumpy and 'mumsy', and were only available in either black or navy blue and ones that you'd only find in the sports section. There are tonnes of cute patterns and designs out there now which will help you to feel a little more comfortable and yet still trendy round the pool.

Untitled #42

I'm absolutely loving River Islands range at the minute, and I'm in love with the purple and yellow one, however the sweetheart neckline doesn't tend to do my bust area any justice so I probably wont be getting that one... its unfortunate that the majority appear to be this style! I'm loving the whole high waisted knicker effect though.. very Bridget Bardot!

Which one is your favourite?
I'll be creating a few of these style boards over the next few weeks in order to give me ideas for my holiday shopping list - I hope it gives you some inspiration too!

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  1. It's so nice there are some really nice swimsuits on the market now, you're right they are far from mumsy now. There are loads of styles to choose from - I'm not too sure they'll suit me though, I might have to try on a couple and see. I love the one on the bottom right!



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