Thursday 7 May 2015

Review: April's 'International' Degustabox

It's one of my favourite times in terms of deliveries.. my Degustabox arriving!

This month was a themed month which showcased various foods from around the world (but which you can purchase in your local supermarket). I love this concept, it probably has something to do with the fact that I love to travel and try out new things, but I think it helps others to try foods out too that tend to get stuck in a rut and are so quick to decide they won't like something, even before trialing.

From L - R

I'm yet to try this (I think I'm going to take it work with me tomorrow!), however the flavor sounds intriguing!

"Wonjo Hibiscus, a refreshing soft drink bursting with exotic flavour, made from
100% natural ingredients by Chosan, an independent producer of healthy and
exotic drinks. Our drinks are inspired by traditional recipes from West Africa and
use ingredients with many associated health benefits to support a balanced
IDRINKQ  (£1.49)
This is an 'enhancement' drink which apparently helps us to think smarter. It sounds very similar to an energy drink, but more focused on the mind. It states that 'things that were challenging become simplier and everything seems clearer and more in focus. It is great for idea generation and creativity' - I find this hard to believe if I'm brutally honest. I'm not great with energy style drinks - they don't tend to agree with my heart, so my partner tried one instead. The flavor is... unique. It was a cross between an iced tea and iced coffee. I think I was sitting on the fence with the taste. As for the concept behind the drink, who knows if it works... who knows.
Scheckters 100% natural Organic energy drinks (£1.35)
My partner has been working nights all weekend (boo!) so I settled down on Saturday night with this in my hand. Again, I dislike energy drinks because they seem to dislike me, however due to this being 100 natural, it didn't send my heart racing, and although it had a unique taste, it was rather nice on the palette.
Kingfisher Beer (£2)
I instantly recognized this because each time me and my boyfriend go to a certain Indian Restaurant he always orders this (probably because they do very little English beer!). I'm no beer lover so he drank this earlier today. He orders it on a frequent basis so it must be ok!
Barry's Tea (£1.75)
This Irish tea has apparently been around since 1901. I will admit the packaging looks a bit.. cheap, but as we all know, never judge a book by its cover! These arrived at the perfect time as I'm in need of some more teabags, so I'll be giving these a go shortly.

Nando's Groove Cut Crisps (69p each)
I do love a good bag of crisps, and had never tried Nando's crisps before so was excited by these flavours. Peri-salted was my least favourite, however I'd be quite happy to purchase the remaining 2 flavours. Very flavoursome.

Cirio (£1.69/£1.20)
This was my least favourite product from this months box. Probably because it was the least exciting food item and something that isn't really that unique. Tomato concentrate is something I cook with on a fairly regular basis when I'm cooking slimming world meals, so this will definitely come in handy.
Veetee Rice (£1.49 each)
Peri Peri rice and Spicy Mexican Style - these flavours sound right up my street. We eat rice on a regular basis in our household (especially my partner, he often has rice as a snack too) so these will definitely get eaten up pretty quickly.
Schwartz Korma/Balti Recipe Mix (£1.08 each)
Good ol' Schwartz make it into the box once again. These flavours are definitely ones that want to make me use them rather than ones I've received previously. I love both these curries so I'll definitely be making a curry this week with these!

Debeukelaer Cookies Bakery (£2)
I love the vintage twist on this packaging - it reminded me both of NY (not that I've ever been... ) along with having fish n' chips in newspaper. Either way, I like it. It helps to keep the cookies fresh too.
I received the creamy cookie flavor which I shared with my partner. The cookie's texture didn't do great things for me, however I loved the filling.. very hazelnut-y - My favourite!

Kinder Chocolate (with cereals/choco bons) (£1.55 each)
Although both of these were gorgeous, I preferred the choco bons a little more over the cereal bars (although they were still pretty tasty as well). These reminded me of airports abroad, I always see this kind of thing in duty-free so it brought back good memories. They were both really moreish and were gone in just 24hrs. Oops.

Please note - Degustabox offer 2 types of boxes, one that includes an alcohol product and an alcohol-free one. On this occasion I am reviewing the Degustabox therefore I have received all products from both boxes.
Have you thought about subscribing to Degustabox? Each month you will receive 9-14 products which works out a lot less than if you were to buy them in the shops!
Degustabox is £12.99 (inc P&P) however I have a discount code for £3 off for you to use at checkout, which means you'll receive your first box for a mere £9.99! Code - AWDG4


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