Sunday 10 May 2015

Lets go to the beach, each...

Its that time when people start booking summer holidays and jetting off to warmer climates. My holiday to Florida is in less than 4 months time now and I've pretty much got my itinerary down to a tee, however I'm still not quite sure if we're going to take a trip down to the coast yet, but either way today I'm showing you what my beach essentials are.

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I'm not really a huge beach worshipper who can sit and lounge on a beach all day in the sun. After an hour and I'm done. I feel like I'm wasting time just laid in the sun and would much rather make use of my time! I am however rather partial to a sunset walk on the beach with the waves lapping at my ankles as I listen to the ocean. Therefore, this list will be basic for some as for me, the beach is just a quick pit-stop rather than a day out!

My beach essentials:

A huge soft beach towel is a must - I'm all about bright beach towels when it comes to holidays, so I'm not overly fond of this mermaid one, however I thought it fitted in quite well with the colour scheme!

Something else that I'll be donning if we take a trip to the beach is a swimming costume... this white one is right up my street! Its from River Island and they have such a cute selection of swimwear this year!

I think a kimono or throw over is perfect at the beach for several reasons:
1. If you burn (like me) it's great to throw over those hot shoulders to prevent it happening, and because of the light weight material it wont be too heavy.
2. If you're generally body conscious, a cover-up tends to make you feel a little more comfortable.
3. Once you've come out the sea you tend to feel the ocean breeze a little more, especially if its nearing the evening, so a cover up is perfect to keep those draughts away (preferably something a little heavier than this though..)

Flip Flops are the perfect shoe to visit the beach in. You don't want no faffy straps or buckles to do up - You need something quick to slip your feet into and your away. The worst thing is when you're leaving the beach and you're trying to get all the sand out your shoes, to then put your shoes back on, put your feet down, and BAM, you're back to square one (we've all been there!). Something practical, flat and quick is always a winner.

A beach bag, to carry all your essentials in, of course! Don't try taking your designer handbag that you take to work with you every day, because I can guarantee no matter how careful you are, by the end of the day you'll definitely find a few grains of sand at the bottom, and its such a pain trying to get it all out! Buy a bag dedicated for the beach and the beach only. Make sure its big enough because you'll have to fit at least 1 huge beach towel in there!

Water! We all know that its important to keep hydrated in the sun. It helps us to avoid headaches, sunstroke and is also great for our skin! Our body loses so much water in the heat, so its important to put that water back in!

Sun lotion. This is such an obvious one but its surprising how many people don't fetch this to the beach because they 'applied it before they left the hotel'. Try go for a high SPF water resistant one. I find spray pumps easier to apply - they allow you to get to hard to reach areas on your body - perfect if you don't feel comfortable asking who you're with to rub the lotion in for you! Also a lot of people think that because you're in the water and are cool (temperature wise), you're not going to get burnt. Wrong. You are more likely to get burnt in water than on land because of the cooling effect the water will give you, therefore burning skin is often not felt!

I love to bring a book to the beach if I know I'm going for a few hours. A lot of people bring their kindles now, but I still love a good ol' book. I tend to read summer related stories whilst on holiday.

A sun hat - Due to being a natural redhead, my skin is prone to burning more than the average person, and that goes for my scalp too, so a hat for me is a must. Luckily I can pull off most hats pretty well. I'm loving the over-sized floppy hats although I'm always so scared they'll get squashed in my suitcase on the way out so I've never bought one yet!

If you're off to the beach you've gotta take your camera! I take my camera wherever I go on holiday so this is standard to me, but its all about the memories!

A hair tie of some sort - Beaches can often be very windy places so the last thing you want is your hair flapping about in your face. I love this bright hair tie which will inject some colour into my black and white outfit!

My lips always get sore. Not dry or flaky, just sore, so with the hot sun and sea, I think lip balm is essential. This is the one I'm currently using (Pixi in Raspberry Ripe). I love it and need to repurchase it because I'm almost out!

What do you bring to the beach that's not on my list?

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