Saturday 1 October 2016

September Round-Up - Theme Parks, Nottingham & Travel Planning

Wow, another month gone in the blink of an eye. Autumn is now upon us! It's not till this season actually arrives that I remember how much I love it - that crisp chill in the air, the autumn leaves, the darker nights and candles... then the run up to Halloween! It's making me want to go to Scarefest again at Alton Towers, just so I can soak up some Autumn atmosphere. Next month maybe?

So September has seen a trip to Drayton Manor for the day (We used our Tesco clubcard vouchers so entry was free!). We then drove to Nottingham and spent the night there, indulged in more free food and grabbed a movie at Cineworld (all courtesy of that wonderous Clubcard).

I also spent a lot of September planning the remaining bits of our upcoming holiday, more in particular New York. That place has got so much to do that I'm finding it overwhelming trying to fit everything in!

I also (finally!) finished decorating my dressing room, and I love it. It's still not complete with the correct accessories, so photos will come soon. With the holiday fast approaching, funding wise, my priorities lie with that as opposed to prettying up my room unfortunately! However I'm loving how bright everything appears. I ripped up the old cream carpet and painted the wooden floorboards white. This is more for practical reasons. I still need a rug to bring the room together and add a bit of texture and warmth to it, but I can't wait till I finalise everything. However until then, here's a sneak peek..

For those of you that haven't noticed, I've also given my blog a make-over! I accidentally deleted my old template, header etc so I was forced into buying a new template, however I was on the hunt for one anyway (just not this soon!). I'm happy with the outcome and it's given me a new lease of motivation for it... every cloud...

We've also been experimenting a lot with food this month, thanks to Hello Fresh. I received a discount voucher in my Pink Parcel subscription box for £20 off our first 2 boxes. This meant getting 5 meals (for 2 people) for £29.99, which I thought was pretty good (each one contained meat too). It's helped add variety to our meals and given us ideas for future recipes. Review coming soon!

I finished the month off with a good ol' catch up with a friend over some American food in a new restaurant that has opening in town.

I'm looking forward to Autumn well and truly kicking in by October. I might even try my hand at some glazed toffee apples.. I've found some on Pinterest and they look gooood! Watch this space!

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