Tuesday 4 October 2016


A couple of weekends ago we revisited Nottingham after 8 years. Booking the hotel was last minute - literally less than 24hrs before we were leaving! However after trawling through a few hotel sites, I came across Park Plaza. It ticked all the boxes, and knowing I was getting a good deal sealed it for me.

Unfortunately, because we were only there for 24hrs, we didn't get to use most of the hotels amenities, so this review will focus purely on the bedroom and the service in which we received.


Let's get the boring bit out the way with first! I always search for a nearby car park before I visit any hotel so I know what postcode I am entering into my Sat Nav. I noticed NCP was a popular car park within Nottingham (as with most cities..), however I found a really good deal that I must share with you!
We parked in the NCP on Maid Marian Way, which is very central in Nottingham, and this was also the road of our hotel. This car park charged a mere £4.20 for a full 24hrs. There are other NCP car parks nearby that was charging a whopping £17+ for 24hrs. Go figure. I don't know what decides the parking charge (admittedly our car park was looking a little weary and old, but it was undercover and had CCTV so jobs a good un!). Just a little tip for any of you visiting Nottingham soon!

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I had interaction with 2 different members of staff whilst there, and they couldn't have been more helpful. Checking in was smooth, as was checking out. On the evening of our stay, I realised I hadn't printed something off that I should have done (in relation to our Tesco club card vouchers). After stressing that this would interfere with our plans, I popped to reception and asked them where I could find printing facilities. They stated that although they do not offer such service, I could forward them the email in question that I needed printing off and they would do it for me. I'm not sure if this is just standard practise for them, but I thought it was kind nonetheless, and instantly made our problems disappear. On the day of check-out, we asked the hotel to store our bags whilst we did a bit of shopping before heading back to the car park. This again, was no problem. I am aware that some hotels charge for this service, but its appearing more "normal" for it to be free of charge. Service wise I couldn't fault them.

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Hotel Room

When walking down the coridoor of the hotel, I couldn't help but notice the carpet that was laden with life quotes. I don't think I've ever seen a 'quote carpet' before, so this was unique for me. The carpet also looked new, so I'm assuming this has been replaced fairly recently. Said carpet also continued in parts of our hotel room. I loved the contrast of both carpet and wooden flooring within the bedroom. The bed sat on shiny wooden flooring, whilst the remaining of the bedroom sat on carpet. This gave it the feel of almost 2 separate areas.
Another tick box for this hotel - they had plugs on each bedside table! Round of applause Plaza! It's not often I find a hotel room that does this - they're usually across the other side of the room, which means in a morning when your phone alarm is going off, you're having to fumble in the dark, half asleep trying to switch it off! (It also denies you of any late-night internet browsing before nodding off!) - Maybe that's why they do it, who knows?! Either way, this was a blessing.

The bed was super comfy, with lovely bouncy duvets and pillows.

The mini bar was fully stocked with an arrangement of chocolate, nuts, sweets, alcohol and soft drinks. All very tempting but at not-so tempting prices, but this was to be expected. There was also a safe which we didn't use, but it would be convenient for more long-term guests.

The bathroom had all standard amenities, plus a selection of complimentary Elemis products to choose from. It's not often you come across such a well-established brand in hotel rooms! This was much appreciated and I definitely had my hands all over them in the shower that night!

Price wise, their standard price per night is approximately £75-£80, however with a little bit of digging you may be able to pick this up cheaper. I settled on a price of £54 for a Friday night, which I was more than happy with. Knowing you'd pay close to that for a Premier Inn helped me seal the deal with Park Plaza!

All in all, a great stay, and although it's not the grandest hotel I've ever stayed in, it definitely ticked all the necessary boxes and I wouldn't hesitate in staying here again.

Have you ever stayed at Park Plaza?


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