Monday 10 October 2016

Travel: Top 5 Things to do in York

I've visited York several times now, and the more I visit, the more I fall in love with it. I love how much character and quirkiness it holds, and how its steeped in history. It makes such a change sometimes to go somewhere less 'cosmopolitan', instead surrounding yourself with culture.

After visiting a few days ago, it's made me want to go back, but next time spending a night there instead of being stuck to a time limit, knowing that we can't venture too far because we have to catch our train back home.

Its one of those cities that the more time you spend there, the most you discover, and the more you'll fall in love with it.

Here are my top 5 things to do in York.

1. Wander round The Shambles. This area reminds me a little of Lincoln's steep hill, but with more character and more shops. Each shop is independently owned and with it's narrow cobbled streets and high open wooden window shutters, I often feel like I'm in a different country (especially in the summer..).

2. Experience Afternoon Tea. For me, this is always a must when I venture into a new city. I had the pleasure of having afternoon tea at The Grand Cedar Hotel back in 2014, and since then I've experienced so many more, however nothing quite compares to the one I had that day... There are so many little quaint places to go for afternoon tea in York, or if you prefer something a little more grand, opt for a hotel like I did. So many places you'll be spoilt!

Grand Cedar Court Afternoon Tea
3. York Dungeons. I will admit, I've never experienced York Dungeons, however I have done the ones in London (by the same company). Reviews suggest that York is more impressive than London, so I would only expect good things. It's a good laugh, you learn a little and it adds something different to your day.

stock photo

4. Boat Rides. There are several boats you can jump on throughout the day, and prices are pretty reasonable considering. This allows you to experience York from a different perspective, and learn things along the way too! It's definitely a great way to kill an hour. Like many cities, different boats offer different things (i.e. sunset cruise, mermaid cruise, afternoon tea cruise etc...). I would recommend booking before to avoid disappointment though.

stock photo
5. Jorvik Viking Centre. The name gives this attraction away. Steeped in history revolving around The Vikings, this attraction is apparently one of the most popular attractions in the UK! The attraction offers a variety of audio and video, as well
as a ride that enables you to learn as you go along.

stock photo

Have you ever visited York? What were your favourite attractions?


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