Monday 24 October 2016

Travel: Top 10 Tips on Packing Lightly

As my holiday draws closer, I'm thinking more and more about how to save weight in my suitcase. Not only am I going away for the longest holiday yet (3 weeks), but I'm also venturing into 2 different climates. Both of these things combined could create quite a hefty weight to my luggage if I'm not careful.

Some of these tips will be more than obvious to the experienced traveller, but for those that are not regular globetrotters...

1. Pack mini's where possible. Or if you don't have mini's - decant larger sized products into smaller containers.

This Nuxe oil doubles up as both a body and hair oil, as well as a highlighter.
 2. Check out what your hotel offers before you leave. Nowadays, most hotel rooms contain a hairdryer and towels as standard, so there's 2 items you no longer have to pack. Also, if you're not fussy with hair products, most hotels include shampoo's and conditioners along with shower creams. Some decent weight to save on there!

3. If you're going away for more than a week and know that mini's wont suffice, why not purchase products when you're there? You would have only purchased them in the UK to take away...

4. Take versatile items. Coconut oil is great for doubling up as numerous products; moisturiser, hair serum, lip balm etc. I've got a great little palette that doubles up as both an eye-shadow and eyebrow gel/pencil that is a firm travel favourite. This goes for clothes too - with me, venturing into 2 climates could be quite tricky when packing clothing. I'm throwing in a few dresses that can be worn in the summer, but where I can also throw a cardigan/jumper over the top with black tights and boots for the colder weather.

5. Wear heavy clothes to the airport. This one won't be hard for us because we'll be leaving the UK in the winter, so I'll already have my winter coat and boots on.

6. Make use of your hand luggage! This is something I've only just started doing. My hand luggage usually only consisted of things I needed for the plane journey, and this wasn't a lot and I was always under my weight allowance. This time, instead of a holdall type bag, I now have a small cabin case which definitely offers me more room to put more items in and ensure I make full use out of my allowance.

7. This only applies to those travelling with others. Spread the weight! Usually, men don't take as many items as women on holiday, so if your case is overweight, throw a few things in someone else's case!

8. This one is really obvious but so many people still continue to do it. Only take what you are REALLY going to use. This is learnt more from experience, and the more I travel, the more I become familiar with my habits. 2 years ago, I took 4 different shades of lipglosses, and I only used 1. I also took 2 books, and I was so busy on holiday, that I didn't even manage to read 1. Really think about what you plan on doing on holiday and if you really need it.

9. This one ties in with No 1, but if its a product that is difficult to decant (i.e. spray) but you know you definitely don't need to take a full bottle/can away with you, start using it on the run up to your holiday, then by the time your due to go, you will be going away with less product, but still enough!

My de-canting pots
10. Returning from a holiday is where the worry usually kicks in, especially with all those souvenirs! This is where you have to be lethal. If you've got a quarter bottle of shampoo left, throw it! If those flip-flops are battered from all those trips to the beach, throw them! That bottle of sun-cream? Bin it because it'll probably be out of date by the next time you use it! I hate throwing things away that still have life in them, but if it meant keeping those V a possible £50+ charge at the airport, I know which one I'd rather do!

Sometimes its wise to take some luggage weighing scales with you (the hand-held type), especially if you plan on buying a lot of gifts. It'll help you keep track as the holiday goes on how much weight you have left to play with, so you know whether you can keep on buying or not! The worst thing to happen would be to end your holiday with extra costs at the airport for being over-weight!

I hope these tips have helped you know how to pack light for any future holidays!


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