Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas Sparkles Pt 1

Aaaaand the countdown begins...
In my latest NOTD, I mentioned a series that I was going to feature based on christmas parties. So here is part 1 of my 'Christmas Sparkles' series (I'm not very creative when it comes to titles so please don't shoot me!). Every week for the next 4 weeks I am going to pick out my favourite festive pieces that will eventually create an entire christmas party outfit. The theme being glitter! I'm not one for looking like a walking disco ball, however I think a few (note: few being the keyword) flecks of glitter in any outfit is a must for a christmas party. The idea is to pick only a few (I will drill it in!) items to create your final piece, we don't want glitter over-kill... that will just look as tacky as Pat Butchers earrings.

The first item I hunt for when looking for a whole outfit is a dress. I then base my accessories around my purchased item (I've never understood people who buy heels and handbags first, thats a bit too risky for me!). So it made sense to do Part 1 based on my favourite glitter dresses for christmas 2011, (I found this pretty hard because of the inspired theme!).

From top to bottom:
River Island - £80 - This is such a delicate looking dress. The material looks fantastic quality close up too. It reminds me of something you would wear for a wedding however I think this will look lovely with some gold accessories and maybe some glittered gold heels?
Topshop - £55 - This bodycon dress is for the brave who aren't too concerned about any lumps and bumps because this would certainly cling to them! However the studded detail will add the shine you need for that festive party. Team this up with a smokey shimmery eye and you'll be good to go!
Lipsy - £22 - I thought this was a really good deal, so if you like it, grab it while you can because I can't imagine this dress being in stock for much longer! I do like this dress but would have to lose a few lbs in order to feel confident in something like this! However it has that sparkle that we're looking for!
Dorothy Perkins - £35 - I have actually recently purchased this dress for my Christmas party! It looks fairly plain in the photo but it is lathered with tiny glitter flecks. The material is mega soft as well which I really like, and the neckline is really flattering. It has a V cut back with a big statement zip which I liked too. Its long sleeves is a bonus, covering up my hated upper arms and keeping me warm(er) at the same time! Only disappointment with this is it clings a lot more than I thought it would. I think I need to dig out my control knickers!
Miss Selfridge - £65 - This is the perfect style for my figure. A fitted top half and a flowy skirt. I find this style very feminine and elegant. I would normally associate the nude colour more with summer, but teamed with the gold bralet type top, it adds a festive sparkle to the dress. Teamed with maybe some gold glitter heels I think this would look perfect.

Have you got your Christmas Party dress sorted yet?



  1. I love glittery dresses. I wore a zebra print strapless dress completely covered in sequins for a Christmas ball a few years ago. Might have to dig it out again :)


  2. Ooooh I want a new christmas dress! I'm going to my first party tomorrow at my friend's uni but have to wear something old because I'm so poor! I love all the dresses, especially the first and last one. Gorgeous! xxxxx

  3. I LOVE that Miss Selfridge dress! Ohhh I want! Good choices! xx

  4. Oh I featured that Dorothy Perkins dress a few weeks ago - love it! The Lipsy dress is stunning too. Thanks for your comment - all my fellow English grads have gone off reading. We are not alone :)


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