Saturday 3 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist!

Since moving into our own home, money has been a lot tighter which only means one thing; less treats for me. Therefore this christmas I've spent a little more time thinking over gifts that I need, rather than asking for things I would like (yes, there is a difference although sometimes it's hard to find!). I struggled with this list, and had to include a few luxury items that arguably I don't exactly need. Contradiction? Yep, I'm fully aware! Although 5 out of 8 essentials aren't bad, right?

1. Black Tux Superskinny Jeans - Dorothy Perkins. My jeans seem to be wearing very thin round the inner thigh area, and all pairs are on their last legs. Love the waistband on these jeans and the detailing down the side of the leg. NEED!
2. Dalmation Fluffy Robe - Topshop. I've been after a super fluffy dressing gown for a long time. All the ones I've had in the past I've wrecked with hair dye. I'm down to my last one that is mega short and is also covered in hair dye round the collar. Yuck. I don't care if it's not this exact robe, as long as its that extra fluffy material and a super cute design, I'm sold! NEED!
3. Jemma Kid Light As Air Foundation - I wear foundation on a daily basis. I've never indulged in a high end luxurious foundation, well ok, maybe twice. I've seen Tanya Burr and Fleur mention this over the months so if its good enough for them, its good enough for me! I'm 26 so I thought its about time to test the market a little more and see what I'm missing! NEED!
4. Beyonce - 'Heat' - Superdrug. I have 9 perfumes in my collection. Over half of them are 1/4 full so almost ready for the bin. My friend has been wearing a certain perfume to work for the past few weeks and I get a whiff every time I walk past. It fills the room and I love it! I'm always attracted to the celebrity perfumes and I don't know why! My purse surely isn't complaining though! This is a super fruity sweet fragrance that seems to have a fantastic staying power. WANT!  NEED!
5. Birdcage Table Lamp - Dunelm Mill. I've been spying on this for a few months now. It would go perfect in my little dressing/make up room with its shabby chic theme, instead of keep using the dingy light saving bulb lighting. Dont you just hate those? WANT!
6. Mischa Barton Handbag - John Lewis. My trusty Primark handbag is slowly coming apart. I noticed a rip in the material yesterday. Thats been a hardwearing solid bag for £9, and has lasted me over a year with massive usage! I need a classic handbag that I can use for work as well as the weekend, and this little beauty looks like it would do the perfect job! NEED!
7. Canon EOS 1100D - Argos. This is my most needed gift out the lot! There are several reasons why I need this. 1. My other camera's charging port is broke, and was rubbish at close up filming (and because of that I stopped filming for YT). 2. I want to take better pictures for my blog. I currently use my 5mp phone, which does a better job than my 12mp digicam.. makes sense! and 3. I'm going to Vegas next year to be a bridesmaid, so obviously want good quality photos for that. NEED!
8. Models Own BeatleJuice Collection - Boots. I've wanted this ever since they released it. I'm majorly addicted to nail polish at the moment, and it just NEEDS to be in my collection. WANT!

I could have added a lot more on here (eg. Ipad, numerous amounts of clothes and shoes, sewing machine, Cath Kidston galore, pretty little home accessories) but I know money doesn't grow on tree's....

I love looking at people's christmas wishlists for inspiration (as well as just to be pure nosey). Whats on your wishlist?



  1. The Heat perfume smells amazing!

  2. I want to try Light as Air too. I am also with you on the camera - my EOTD pics have been lacking thanks to having to rely on my phone!!
    Merry Christmas :)

  3. The birdcage light is soooo cute. I love all things vintage :D


  4. The Mischa Barton handbag is gorgeous! It will go with nearly everything - such a good choice :) xx


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